D’Farley was born in China, Hong Kong and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York City.

dreemtime begain in London in 1990. After moving to New York in 1998 he continued dreemtime as a band collaboration. While he himself plays multiple instruments including piano, keyboards, guitar, bass guitar and percussion, he’s been always inspired by the talent found in the colorful jazz scene of the city. Besides playing, songwriting and producing, his strength lays in bringing incredibly talented musicians together in a group, where their newest sounds would radiate hip rhythm, and perfectly complement each other. His band includes vocalists JeSante' and E.R.I.C, with horn and woodwind trumpets by Bassy Bob, Richard Bulger, and Takuya Nakamura; saxophone notes by Marcus Miller, and flutes by Aki Kasuga and Damon Brandt; the articulate soul funky bass by Amanda Ruzza, and the gorgeous piano solos by Simone Giuliani; guitars by Scott Mussmano & Bernardo Baglioni, all accompanied by the keyboards and percussion of D'Farley himself.



dreemtime ’s music is mastered in a blend of mixed and original beats creating a one-of-a-kind dance flare. It is driven by D’Farley’s musical expertise and a keen sense of bringing real talent in a distinguished collaboration. With an inspiration drawn from everyday experiences, dreemtime cultivates a genre that balances a multilayered combination of sounds including soul, R&B, jazz, lounge, and vibrant pop thrown in for good measure. In a constantly evolving manner, Dreemtime has released seven albums and five international remixes since its beginning.


dreemtime albums have brought D’Farley international recognition, and have been played on many radio stations around the world, from London, Berlin, and Paris, to Tokyo, Hong Kong and beyond.

Klive D’Farley—Songwriter, producer, musician, artist, band leader, lover of all things New York—is the creative mind, and dreamy vision, that makes up dreemtime, a constantly evolving group that mixes international flavors, sexy and sophisticated electronics, and live brass and orchestral instrumentation to create, and coin, a unique and vibrant genre of music—New York Lounge Funk.

Manhattan, produced by Klive & 4MuLA -features a unique cover exclusively created by famed photographer, Kenneth Willardt, best known for photographing Lady GaGa, Beyonce, J-Lo, Maybelline & L'Oréal campaigns, and many magazines covers in the world over. The Beauty and the Beat cover creative includes dreemtime singer JeSante’, longtime vocalist at dreemtime, and founder, D’Farley, to bring to life the curious, vibrant New York City culture for the creative creatures that speak dreemtime's language—New York Lounge Funk.

Klive is currently writing the fourth dreemtime album, which will be released in Japan and available globally in 2017.